You need to rename groups of conversations in Messages? Now you can even on Apple products

In the stock Messages app on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch when you chat with two or more people in a conversation the name of the group displays just the separated names of yours interlocutors. This don’t happens with another’s messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and that’s why is annoying when you use Apple products.

But now a solution to that problem appears. Last august we tested a past jailbreak tweak called MessageRenamer, updated with both iOS 7 and 64-bit compatibility.
The tweak made possible for you to easily change the name of conversations in both the Messages app and biteSMS extension. You can talk with one or more person same time and the tweak will work. You can learn how that is possible below.
When you are in a conversation try to tap and hold on its header for rename it. Now you will see a pop-up menu with three options. Tap first option which is RENAME and a text prompt will be open here you can enter and save a new conversation name. If you wish to change the conversation name back tap RESET, and use CANCEL when you need to close the menu.
Chatting with groups of peoples is more useful and fun same time. For example you will remember where you know a contact and how can he or she to help you in the future. Renaming  groups in coworkers, students or family is now just so easy and I’m surprised that Apple didn’t include that from the start on chat app.
As the tweak don’t suffer from bugs, even after developer Atlas Wegman has rewritten, MessageRenamer7 remain good for use and clean.
We can buy MessageRenamer7 almost free, just 99 cents on Cydia. For the real free one you can try the oldest version for iOS 6. Recently the tweak has some problems with 64 bits configuration, but an update was released and that is expected to hit BigBoss soon.  Also is good to know that there is no option to configure the settings after installation.

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