iOS vs Android – Chinese Market

Samsung has been left by Apple behind, as it asserts the best mobile brand in China’s place, in devotion and comprehension. Certainly one of the greatest smartphone consumer market on earth, China has expressed its dismay given the Apple option.

Samsung has consistently been Apple’s largest competition of the recent years for many portion, with Samsung constantly being the top mobile brand in the big Chinese marketplace regarding devotion and consumer recognition. China Brand Research Center is running surveys to rate distinct brands throughout the China Brand Power Index, where Samsung has consistently enjoyed the most effective standing for the brand that is cellular .


The recent 2014 survey nevertheless, has Apple rocketing to snatch the leading standing. The most recent survey polled some 13,500 Chinese aged between 60 and 15 and was conducted to January 2014 from August 2013. Apple was able to squeeze past Samsung with one huge jump, although the results note that this time around did really enhance.

The guys from Redmondpie wrote:

The China strategies of Apple were around and up for over a couple of years now, with all the firm which makes it clear that it was about time that Apple recorded to the marketplace that is vast.

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In light of those positive developments, as well as the prevailing goal of getting an enormous ball of the Chinese marketplace, Apple is seeking to start 25 new retail shops in the following couple of years in the united states with a population of over 1.4 billion.

It has actually been Apple’s year up to now, and when we look back at 2013, Tim Cook said “China is now our second-biggest marketplace, I consider it’s going to become our first.”

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