Poke-Drone, drone designed specifically to help enthusiasts to catch more Pokemon

TRNDlabs, a company that launches drone Conveyor released a movie the other day announcing the market introduction of Pokédrone.

Pokedrone role would obviously be catching Pokemon creatures from the game in the most difficult areas for the players entered.

They have already made dozens of tests and game syncs perfectly with the drone’s GPS location so that game enthusiasts to be able to play remotely. Pokedrone has options but automatic landing and take-off so as to focus only player in the game.

However, according to the verbs are a few small problems.

  • Selling a product with the word “poké” in the name, which I’m pretty sure Nintendo would have some legal issues with. (TRNDlabs views this as a “less urgent” concern at this point in time).
  • The drone claims to work by spoofing the GPS input from the iPhone to the Pokémon Go app with the drone’s GPS signal, which is not possible to do without jailbreaking your iPhone or using Apple’s dev tools.
  • Spoofing GPS is against the spirit of the game and my editor, Paul Miller, only approves of it in the case of stunts and Twitch Plays Pokémon Go. (It’s also probably against the terms of service of the game and would probably get you banned.)
  • The video depicts using the camera input of the drone with Pokémon Go‘s AR mode, which is also not possible to do without jailbreaking your iPhone or using Apple’s dev tools.

TRNDlabs actively working to drone and hopes to send for training with her soon.

Download Installous alternatives that worth trying

With Installous  no longer available, we must go on and find replacements for this wonder app. Due to the fact that mobile apps getting trickier every day, having reviews done can be very difficult. Our alternatives for Download Installous have been tested by a bunch of iOS users who spent more than 10 hours a day on their devices. The choices were tested for over a month in order to put together this top for the ones who are still searching for the best pick over Installous.

Kuaiyong stands for “use it quickly”in Chinese so you must try it ASAP. It offers their users free download  for tons of paid apps. And this is not everything. It comes with a Windows explorer interface friendly to Windows Explorer users. Kuaiyong was first introduced in 2012 and we hope to see it still on the market and better than installous.

This app stands up in this top due to its friendly easy-to-use interface that allows iDevice users to download their favorite paid apps for free in a matter of minutes. Thanks to Zesmous, downloading and installing a free app can be made with just a few taps.

Appcake(download the best installous alternative) has been on the market for over 6 years now offering us apps both for iOS and Adroid users. It  has many awesome features over the similar apps on the market, delivering thousands of free games and apps.

vShare or Appvv
vShare/Appvv is an app designed for downloading hundreds of other great apps. The downloads run fast as you build your dream app wishlist.


iFunBox is “the one” app for the users who stay both on their phone and personal computer. The app offers both PC and mobile versions so that the user can easily sync his devices and also transfer files from one to another. The best part is that iFunBox supports both Windows and Mac platforms and runs excellently on all iOS 6 devices.

Very similar to iFunBox presented above, HipStore allows users to get their favorite app through their PC instead of the iOS device. There are just three simple steps to be followed:  plug in the USB in the PC, download the IPA files, transfer them to the iOS.

Panda App
Also known as Pandaapp, this application is another unconventional way to install free apps in your iDevice. First you have to download installous and the files in your PC, then transfer it in the device’s directory in order to install it.

There are also a few other cydia apps besides the one mentioned worth trying: , AppAddict, Apptrackr, IPA Search, IPAStore, IPA Installer Console, and IPA Search in howtoinstallcydia.org.