Animated weather information on your Weather icon app

Even the simplest of things can add functionality to your device. This being said I can say that today I am going to present you a tweak, yes quite simple and speaking from my interactions with this tweak quite functional. Consider my scenario you find yourself in the Home Screen and want quickly to know some weather information. What does this tweak do? Well it animates the icon with information based on your last weather location seen in stock Weather app. You will see your icon with the weather based on your last visit accompanied by text stating the weather and the temperature.  If you want to set another zone to monitor in your Weather app icon you must enter Weather app and change to the desired area then you simply exit app. The icon will automatically show information on your icon based on the weather from that area.

If the scenario and functionality of this tweak caught your interest maybe this is the time to give you the name of this simple tweak, LiveWeatherIcon is the name. The installation is simple and there are no settings to setup after you have installed this tweak. Even though this tweak is simple you can get this tweak for free, this will cost you $1. This is hosted by the BigBoss repo.